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The Clockmaker of Centurion
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We have moved two shops down towords Woolworths!

Welcome to The Clockmaker, a family run clock repair shop since 1960. We are here to look after your priceless heirlooms, be it that majestic Grandfather clock in your home, or a old Wall clock thats been in the family for generations, we even restore those beautifully carved but troublesome Cuckoo clocks. Be they pendulum clocks or the balance wheel type.

We service, repair and restore your old or antique mechanical clocks back to pristine working order, included are...

There are many more, good, bad & ugly we fix them all.
We have repaired many old and antique clocks over the years for which parts had to be hand made as these are no longer available.

Clock Repairs done by The Clockmaker.

All our repair work is professionally and meticulously done according to AWCI & BHI guidelines so as to maintain the clocks integrity as close to original as possible, therefore we can and do guarantee all our clock repairs.

Come see Jörg, Carl or Steven, The Clockmakers.

Do you require a cost estimate for the repair of your precious timepiece? Then please bring it to the clock repair shop and let one of the clockmakers do a inspection and assessment. Diagnosing the problems over a phone call will only be a guideline.

NB: Before transporting you precious heirloom please ensure that the pendulum is detached from the suspension spring at the top of your timepiece, also ensure that the gong rods are secured. For larger timepieces wrap each gong rod individually and then bind them all together.

We can come to you but will only do minor repairs at your home. For any major repair work the clock will have to be brought back to our workshop to undergo a proper repair.

Grandfather clocks may be a bit of a problem to get them to the clock repair shop, but give us a call and we will make a plan to fetch the clock or advise you on the best solution.

Quartz and Battery operated clocks.

Quartz and Battery operated clocks are usually not repairable, we fit new Quartz movements where possible. Bring the clock to our workshop and speak to Carl or Steven for advice on the best possible solution.

Thanks for visiting our website! If you have any questions, queries or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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